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Road Trip Packing Checklist for a Kenyan Traveler: Your Adventure Awaits with Lala Cabs!

Are you a Kenyan or an International traveler ready to embark on an exciting road trip adventure across this beautiful country? Whether you're exploring the stunning landscapes of the Great Rift Valley, chasing waterfalls in Kakamega, or venturing into the wilderness of Maasai Mara, a well-planned road trip is the way to go. To ensure a smooth and memorable journey, it's essential to pack smart. In this blog post, we'll provide you with a comprehensive road trip packing checklist tailored to the needs of Kenyan travelers, with a special focus on how Lala Cabs can enhance your experience.


Valid Documents:

Kenyan National ID or Passport

Valid Driver's License

Vehicle Registration and Insurance Papers (provided by Lala Cabs)

Navigation and Safety Essentials:


GPS or Maps of Your Route

First Aid Kit

Reflective Vest and Warning Triangles (provided by Lala Cabs)

Fire Extinguisher (provided by Lala Cabs)

Comfort and Convenience:


Comfortable Clothing for the Journey;

Lightweight and breathable clothing for warm weather

Layers for cooler highland regions

Rain jacket or poncho

Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots

Swimwear if visiting coastal areas

Travel Pillow and Blanket

Cooler Box with Refreshments (provided by Lala Cabs on request)

Snacks and Bottled Water

Communication and Entertainment:


Mobile Phone and Charger

Power Bank

AUX Cable or Bluetooth Speaker

Kenyan Road Trip Playlist

Luggage and Storage:


Suitcase or Travel Bag

Bungee Cords or Cargo Nets (provided by Lala Cabs)

Roof Rack or Cargo Carrier (available from Lala Cabs)

Camping Gear (if applicable):



Sleeping Bags and Mats

Cooking Utensils and Portable Stove

Personal Hygiene and Toiletries:


Toilet Paper and Sanitary Supplies

Soap and Towels

Hand Sanitizer

Photography and Memory-Keeping:


Camera and Extra Batteries

Journal and Pen

Cash and Payment Methods:


Sufficient Kenyan Shillings (KES)

Debit/Credit Cards and 

Mobile Payment Apps (MPESA, Airtel Money, Telkom Money)

Important Contacts:


Emergency Contacts

Kenyan Police: Call 999, or 112 or 911

Medical Services; Kenya Red Cross: Call 1199 or Tel: 020-3950000

Alternative hotlines for Kenya Red Cross are; 0700395395 or 0738395395

AMREF flying doctors ambulance- Tel: 020-3315454/5

AAR Emergency Ambulance: 020-2717374

Avenue Rescue Services: 020-3743858

St. John Ambulance: 020-2210000

Lala Cabs Customer Support (24/7 assistance): 0758583935


How Lala Cabs Enhances Your Kenyan Road Trip:

Lala Cabs is more than just a car rental company; it's your trusted partner in exploring Kenya. Here's how they elevate your road trip experience:


Well-Maintained Vehicles: Lala Cabs offers a fleet of well-maintained, comfortable, and reliable vehicles, ensuring a worry-free journey.

Roadside Assistance: Lala Cabs provides 24/7 roadside assistance, giving you peace of mind throughout your trip.

Safety Equipment: Our vehicles come equipped with essential safety gear, such as reflective vests, warning triangles, and fire extinguishers, ensuring your safety on the road.

Local Knowledge: Lala Cabs' friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer local insights, recommend scenic routes, and suggest hidden gems to explore.

With your bags packed, your Lala Cabs rental vehicle ready, and the open road ahead, your Kenyan road trip is bound to be an unforgettable adventure. By following this road trip packing checklist and relying on Lala Cabs for your transportation needs, you'll be well-prepared to explore the stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and rich heritage of Kenya. Get ready to make lasting memories as you traverse this remarkable country, one road at a time. Happy travels!