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The Lake City of Kisumu - Dala


Welcome to Kisumu City, Dala!

Many will tell you that if you are in Kenya and failed to visit Kisumu you must be missing a lot in life, just yet. But this doesn't even need a step of faith. Let me break it to you; A flight to Kisumu will cost you between KES 5,000 - 10,000 (US$50-100), a bus ride will cost you about KES 1500-2000 (US$ 15-20). And it's worth it all the way.


Let's begin by saying that Kisumu is the only Lake City in Kenya. It is also the third-largest city in the Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa. It is the principal city of Kisumu County and is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. 

So What Brings you to Kisumu? Food, Fun, Business... case closed. For food, you get a one-time offer to eat the freshest fish from the lake, prepared to your liking. Fish can come as boiled, dry-fried, roasted, wet-fried, and the cooking done by indigenous women of the lake. The sweetness can't be made up, it's legit.


Kisumu also has the best Nyama choma from the leading Nyama choma Franchise in the World, Kakwacha Hang-over Nyama choma. This is a unique nyama choma with a unique effect of killing any kind of hangover if you plan to have a good night spree of some liquor. I leave that to the experts.

Kisumu is an important commercial and transportation hub in the region, connecting Kenya to Uganda and Tanzania. The city has a vibrant market and is known for its fishing industry, with fish being one of the city's main exports. We could as well say Kisumu's other major export is its rich culture, the Luo culture, but do we say? I may as well leave this, but I just have to say it, a wise man once said that Kisumu city is the capital city of romance; Nairobi could lead administratively but Kisumu people (especially men) are said to have a way with romance, something that many nationals come to the lake city to benchmark on.

The city has several tourist attractions, including the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of wildlife, including impalas, baboons, and several bird species. The Kisumu Museum is also a popular destination for tourists, showcasing the history and culture of the Luo people and the region. There is also Dunga beach with clear lake waters, a place to have a good meal and a good time whilst enjoying the temperatures of Kisumu.

Kisumu is also known for its nightlife, with several bars and nightclubs in the city. You can enjoy a variety of live music from Ohangla, Rhumba and all other rich African genres from the leading clubs such as Dondez club, The Vics, The Black Pearl Club, Club da Place and so much more.

There are 5-star Hotels such as Ciala Hotel, The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Imperial Hotel, The Vic Hotel, Acacia Premier Hotel, Jumuia Hotel, Wigot Gardens Hotel and 3-star Hotels such as Kika Hotel, Mills View Hotel, Sovereign Hotel and so much more.

There are also reputable private businesses and individuals offering home stay options through Airbnb. If you would like to arrange for accommodation we can assist, just email us at and we will make the arrangements according to your specifications.


Kisumu has a tropical climate with two rainy seasons, from March to May and from October to December. The city has several healthcare facilities, including Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, which is one of the largest public hospitals in Kenya and Aga Khan Hospital, the largest Private Hospital in Kenya.

Transportation in Kisumu is quite easy. There are several Car Rental Companies i.e., Lala Cabs which offer self-drive cars and chauffeured cars for hire. Vehicles for hire in Kisumu can range from Saloon to SUVs depending on customer preference.

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Karibu Kisumu Dala.