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Kakamega Town - The Obusuma Headquarters.

Disclaimer: I am not sure about this, but word has it that Sima/Ugali/Obusuma was invented in Kakamega. Whether it is because of the intensity that it is prepared with in that side of the world or the quantity that has been observed to be consumed by individuals overtime from this beautiful part of Kenya could be as well still under study. I am just but a humble messenger and observer who wishes to declare Kakamega as the headquarter of Obusuma!!

Let's get down to business.

Kakamega is located in Kakamega County, Kenya. It is the largest urban center in Western Kenya after Kisumu and serves as the county's administrative and economic hub. The town is situated about 30 kilometers north of Kisumu, the third-largest city in Kenya.

Kakamega Airstrip is an important aviation facility in the region. It serves as a crucial transportation hub, connecting the town to other parts of Kenya and facilitating travel for both business and leisure purposes. The airstrip provides services for small aircraft and charter flights.

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If you are visiting Kakamega for pleasure, Kakamega County offers several tourist attractions that showcase its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Some of the notable tourist attractions in the county include:

1.     Kakamega Forest: This tropical rainforest is one of the last remaining fragments of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest. It is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including several primate species, birds, butterflies, and unique plant species.

2.     Crying Stone of Ilesi: Located in Ilesi, a small village near Kakamega town, this massive rock formation appears to shed tears, especially during rainy seasons. It holds cultural and spiritual significance for the local community.

3.     Isukuti Dances: Isukuti is a traditional Luhya dance performed during important ceremonies and events. Visitors can witness these lively and energetic performances, which often include drumming, singing, and intricate dance movements.

4.     Rosterman Mines: Kakamega County has a history of gold mining, and the Rosterman mines are a testament to this. Visitors can explore the old mines and learn about the gold mining activities that took place in the area.

5. Bull fighting contests.

In terms of accommodation and social amenities, Kakamega town has a range of hotels, lodges, and guesthouses to suit different budgets and preferences. Some popular hotels in Kakamega include the Golf Hotel Kakamega, Western Palace Hotel, and Kakamega Guest House. These establishments offer comfortable accommodation, restaurants serving local and international cuisine, and conference facilities.

Kakamega town provides various social amenities to cater to the needs of its residents and visitors. These include hospitals, shopping centers, recreational parks, educational institutions, and financial institutions.

Economically, Kakamega is known for its agricultural activities. The fertile soil in the region supports the cultivation of crops such as sugarcane, maize, tea, coffee, and various horticultural products. The county is also famous for its gold mining activities, which contribute to its economy.

The Luhya people are the dominant ethnic group in Kakamega County and have a rich and vibrant culture. The first thing you will notice with this community is that they are all smiles, most of the time. Reason for the Smily face hasn't been established yet, but romour has it that it could be borne from the great trees and forest cover that breathes life into this town. Some also attribute the smiles to the abundance of food in this region. if they say a hungry man is an angry man, you can fill in for yourself the opposite of that. Obusuma effects!!

They have diverse sub-tribes, each with its own unique customs and traditions. The Luhya people are known for their elaborate traditional ceremonies, such as initiation rituals, marriage ceremonies, and celebrations of harvest seasons and Bull-Fighting which usually attracts tourists from all walks of life. Isukuti dance, mentioned earlier, is a significant part of Luhya culture and is performed during various cultural events.

The Luhya people have a rich culinary tradition, with staple foods such as Ugali (maize meal), Sukuma Wiki (collard greens), and Ingoho (chicken) being the most popular among the Luhya. In fact, it is very rare to find a Luhya who doesn't keep a hen in their homestead.

The community also takes pride in its traditional crafts, including basket weaving, pottery, and wood carving.

Doing Business in Kakamega

The ease of doing business in Kakamega is influenced by several factors that contribute to the overall business environment in the town and the surrounding county. While there are challenges present, efforts have been made to improve the business climate and attract investment. Some of the factors that have made doing business in Kakamega favorable include;


Government Support: The county government of Kakamega has implemented various initiatives to support businesses and create an enabling environment. These include streamlining business registration processes, providing business development services, and offering incentives to attract investors.


Infrastructure: Kakamega has a relatively well-developed infrastructure compared to other regions in Kenya, including the Kakamega Airstrip that has flights between Nairobi, Eldoret and Kisumu. The town has good road connectivity, which facilitates the transportation of goods and services. The availability of electricity and reliable telecommunications services also contribute to the ease of doing business.


Market Access: Kakamega town serves as a commercial center for Western Kenya, providing access to a large consumer base. The town has a vibrant market where businesses can sell their products and services. Additionally, Kakamega's proximity to other major towns, such as Kisumu and Eldoret, opens up opportunities for regional trade.


Skilled Labor Force: Kakamega is home to various educational institutions, including universities, technical colleges, and vocational training centers. These institutions contribute to the availability of a skilled labor force, which is crucial for businesses seeking to hire qualified employees.


Investment Opportunities: Kakamega County offers investment opportunities in various sectors, such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and services. The county government actively promotes these sectors and provides support to potential investors, including access to land and information on available investment incentives.


Business Support Services: Kakamega has business support institutions and organizations that provide services to entrepreneurs and business owners. These include business incubation centers, chambers of commerce, and financial institutions that offer loans and financial advice to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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