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Gear Up for Laughs and Adventures. Lala Cabs Welcomes 2024 with a Bang

Happy New Gear, Lala Cabs Fam!


Gather 'round, thrill-seekers and road warriors, because Lala Cabs is rolling into 2024 with a trunk full of surprises and laughter!  We've fine-tuned our engines and polished those windscreens to ensure that this year, your journeys with us are smoother than a jazz saxophone solo.


Are you in Kisumu and craving a ride that's smoother than a freshly paved road? Look no further! Car hire in Kisumu is our middle name (well, it would be if we didn't already have 'Cabs' in there). Plus, for those craving the freedom of the open road, our self-drive cars in Kenya are your ticket to ultimate independence. We might not provide a superhero cape, but with us, you're the hero of your adventure!


Ah, Mombasa, the pearl by the Ocean!  We're diving into car hire in Mombasa with gusto! Whether you're sipping coconut water on the beach or craving a thrilling drive along the coast, Lala Cabs is here to make your coastal dreams come true. Psst, our cars might not salsa, but they sure know how to make a sandcastle jealous!


Ahoy, frequent flyers! Need a lift from the airport? Buckle up for a ride that's more fun than the in-flight movie! Our drivers are pros not just behind the wheel but behind the mic too. Karaoke carpooling, anyone? Or perhaps a stand-up comedy routine en route to your destination? We've got your back!


Hop onto, buckle up, and get ready for a year packed with joyrides, epic road trips, and those magical moments that make your heart race (in a good way)! Trust us, 2024 is going to be the year of unforgettable rides, and we've got the steering wheel firmly in our hands to make it happen!